Tubolar Steel Frame
∅ 60 mm.
Tubolar Steel Frame
∅ 80 mm.
Base With Wheels Anti-Slip
MGR Legs
Platform Attachment to the
Slot Machine
ROYALE Wooden Legs
5 Star Base With
Wheels Anti-Slip
MGR Short Legs
4 Stars Legs
"Gin" wooden Legs
Short Tubolar Steel
Frame ∅ 60 mm.
Short Tubolar Steel
Frame ∅ 80 mm.
"Flat" Sliding
"Plus" Sliding
"Monolith" Sliding
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Thanks to the best materials, our finishing technology and the quality of our job, we can offer a wide choice of products that guarantee a comfortable position and endurance. Every feature will show the quality of our furnishing during the time.
All chromium/brass-plated steel structures have the ISO 14001 certification.
Emmegierre is eco-friendly and supports the usage of three chromium finishing which have less environmental impact since it is less toxic than chrome.


Our products are tested and proven:

• Stability EN 1335-3:2009 AC:2009 | Level 3, Strong.
• Compressive Footrest Strength EN 15373:2007 | Level 2, General
• Compressive Footrest Strength EN 1728:2012 | Level 1, General
• Stability EN 1335-3:2009 AC:2009
• Stability EN 1022:2005

Stools for slot machines and casinos have to be long-lasting in spite of a continuing and demanding use.
Like in cars crash-tests, our stools are tested through endurance and reliability tests.
We test them for a long-lasting use in order to guarantee the best endurance ever.
Our attention to the “tested and proven” process let us be known in all the world for the reliable quality of our casino stools.

Our customization lets us express your creativity and brand through the stool, which becomes a privileged element.
We can do many different things: study an idea, create the graphic design, use high-technological electronic embroidery machines, realize digital printing with professional plotters for tissues or silk-screen printing.

Light up your logo

We are the only company that customize the backrest with optic fibre embroidery and led lighting systems.

Customize your product from the structure to the choise of the coating:

Ecologic Leather Fireproof GAZEBO

Vinyl Finish Fabric VALENCIA

Silver Fibre Fabric SILVERTEX

Hypoallergenic Fabric DIAMANTE



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